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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Final Four Fantasy," UofL's Final Four Theme Song

Louisville, the best school of all time, is headed to the Final Four.
Do they deserve a theme song?
Fuck yeah they do.

photo courtesy of CBS Sports

"Final Four Fantasy”
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Pass it to me now, pass it to me now
Pass it to me now, pass it to me now
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Pass it to me now, pass it to me now
Pass it to me now
I wanna pi-pi-pi-pick you from yo head to yo toes
And I wanna move from the key down to the down to the backboard
Then I wanna (ah ah), you shoot it so good I don't wanna lose,
(We ain’t gonna) Wi-chi-ta will see what it’s like to be beat
I wanna get you in the Gorgui Dome on the half court line
While the Dirty Birds shoot for three
And if you’d like a dunk we can throw it to Behanan
Or get the rebound by Van Treese
Baffour, Price, Bond, Mathiang, Hancock
Blackshear don't stop, keep the game locked who’s shocked while the floor’s rocked
They go-bots and robots they ain’t gonna rest til the clock stops
Or how 'bout on the break with Baumann and
Henderson up the side with blocks from the Montrezl Man
Guards break and just blow past your defense
From Russ to Siva, gets two points with his quick hands
That team is ludicrous (woo), in the KFC YUM
Or with Clinton in the locker room
However you want it, Shockers Shockers gonna wreck that ass soon
See Rick scouts 'em and he works 'em with that slick hair he exerts 'em
They thrash 'em and out last 'em
And if they ain't good then they trash 'em, while Digger bashes 'em
They let him see
And then win for Ware by over twenty
L’s up to the roof roof, sorry Cats we’re the best in Kentucky
--Written by Yours Truly. See, told you I should be a rapper.

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