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Monday, April 15, 2013

Thrust into the Real World: Month 11

This past month has been extremely musical.

Not in a "I'm walking down the street and suddenly all of the passers-by break into song and we all know the same choreography and even though I'm wearing jeans my high kick is phenomenal" kind of way.
Not in a "I find myself in the front row at a John Mayer concert and he starts singing only to me and I realize I'm at the center of a music video about the relationship we're apparently in" kind of way, either.

I don't know what it was, but for some reason whatever situation I encountered, the perfect song seemed to either pop up on Pandora, play on the radio, or emerge on shuffle from a playlist I haven't listened to in at least three years. It was like the music gods were saying, "Here, Skylar, we know how fucking awful you are at deciphering your emotions, so we'll give you a hint with some Sarah McLachlan. Deuces."

Now I'm not saying I would be driving along and Bruno Mars' "If I Was Your Man" would play for the fiftieth time that hour and I'd think, "Ohmigahh he gets me!" No, it was much more ridiculous than that. Songs that literally get no air time ev-ar were repeatedly shooting me straight in the eardrums like radio gunfire and I had to sit there and take it because I believe in signs from the universe and other things relating to fate.

Here are a few of the songs that are apparently trying to tell me something. Some of them are pretty clear-cut, but I could still use a little help figuring out the reasoning behind others. If you have any theories about my life that you think I would take with more than a grain of salt, send them my way!

Incubus - "Oil and Water": You know what guys? Sometimes things just don't work out with people. And since ninth chances aren't really a thing, when you're on a run and this song hits a "glitch" and plays three times in a row you should probably thank Brandon Boyd and then move on with your life. But not before stopping, pulling out your headphones, and screaming, "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" in front of a group of seven year olds playing in the front yard.

Hall & Oates - "Kiss on My List": Whose kiss? Is someone's kiss on my list or is my kiss on someone else's list? Is my breath okay? Is this some kind of hit list? That's kinda terrifying. How many words rhyme with kiss? Bliss. This. Resist. A lot. Mental note: Buy new Chapstick.

Foo Fighters - "The Pretender": I love Dave Grohl with a fiery passion, so hearing this song as much as I have in the past month has been heavenly. It is included in the arsenal of songs that I have mentally choreographed dances to should I ever abandon my chosen career path du jour and become a dance teacher like I've always dreamed. The final turn sequence from 3:50-4:25 is pretty awesome, let me tell ya. I'm not as mystified by the frequency of this, actually; I'm aware of the fact that I'm living in my high-school-dance-team past and really just want to put off a desk job for as long as possible.

Trey Songz - "Bottoms Up": I have a friend who can perfectly rap the Nicki Minaj part, which is an incredible skill and something I encourage her to add to her resume. Our junior year of college she would demonstrate her gift at every opportunity, and that's when I became smitten with her. Long story short, this song reminds me of when I was fun. I am losing my fun, people! Skylar needs her groove back, and who would've thunk that, of all people, Mr. Steal Yo Girl would lead someone to such an epiphany?

Rage Against the Machine - "Renegades of Funk": I had a one-week span recently where this song started playing as soon as I pulled into my internship. Every time. Do you know how jacked up you can get to write about hair products when you start your day off with Zach De La Rocha screaming at you to "Groove sucka!"?! I'm sad that week is over.
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