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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Movie Drinking Game: It's A Wonderful Life

My dog Clarence is named after the guardian angel in It's A Wonderful Life, so clearly this movie is a pretty important part of my holiday season.

My family would always watch it on Christmas night when we probably should've been at church or something, until one year we realized that at least half the room was asleep at any given time. So, the tradition was dropped. Maybe if we had added alcohol into the mix it would've stuck around a little longer, or (if nothing else) the pass-outs would've been understandable.  

  • Someone adds "See?" at the end of their sentence, in true 1940s fashion - Drink!
  • A bell rings - Drink! Side Note: This happens roughly 40 times throughout the movie. You're fucking welcome.
  • One character physically assaults another - Drink 2!
  • "Buffalo Gals" plays/is sung - Drink 2!
  • People fall in water - Drink!
  • George cries - Drink!
  • Harry Bailey is hot. Like, really really hot - Drink!
  • Someone says a wonderfully retro phrase like "holy mackerel" or "doggone it" or "what the sam hill" and you wish people still said those things - Drink 3!
  • George says something awkward and borderline creepy in an effort to flirt with Mary - Drink!
  • A prayer is said - Drink!
  • Sam "hee haw"s - Drink 2!
  • Someone mentions George's sore ear - Drink 2!
  • Violet is a slut - Drink 3!
  • George has more friends than you - CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!
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