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Monday, June 10, 2013

Gotcha Bitch: How Do I Put This Gently?

Looking for the best way to communicate your current emotional state of being or show off an inside joke with your best friend?

Use GIFs.
Side note: how are we supposed to pronounce this again? I've been saying "gif" forever but I recently heard someone say "jif" and now I'm stressed.

One GIF-centric blog that I view pretty regularly is #WhatShouldWeCallMe. Between her affinity for eating, publically embarrassing herself, and scoring free drinks from male strangers, I feel like that girl and I would get along just swimmingly.

Unfortunately with every demonstration of hilarity, there is a person who tries to get in on the action and copy the idea, usually to a much less successful (and even less funny) degree. This is the case with How Do I Put This Gently?.

This girl's blog description currently reads, "Just a semi-functioning individual navigating higher education with a cocktail in her hand and a tendency to embarrass herself." However, it once said something along the lines of, "I love '#WhatShouldWeCallMe' and hope to one day be as funny as her." AKA she admits to being a copycat. Strike one.

Strike two is the fact that she is nowhere near as witty as #WSWCM and would probably be the "friend" present at girls' night who doesn't understand that, no, we're not not laughing because we didn't hear you tell your "hilarious" story four times, it's because it's not funny and you were only invited because you'll more than likely get wasted and pay for everyone's cab ride home.

See for yourself: the two post the same GIFs all the time, yet who seems to come out on top in terms of originality and genuine comedic prowess? If you're gonna be an imposter, be a good one, that's all I'm sayin.

#WSWCM: "When I hear something I'm obsessed with mentioned in someone else's conversation"
HDIPTG: "When I hear my crush is newly single"
#WSWCM: "When I actually take the time to read someone's political rant on Facebook"
HDIPTG: "When the teacher requires the class to buy an unnecessary textbook"
#WSWCM: "When someone pretends they want to talk but really just want my place in line"
HDIPTG: "When a creepy guy gets too close to me at the bar"
#WSWCM: "Walking back to my seat after putting the correct answer on the board"
HDIPTG: "How I feel after I come back from the gym"
#WSWCM: "When I start to feel the shot I just took"
HDIPTG: "Only two more days until the weekend"
#WSWCM: "When I think about anything I wore during freshman year of college"
HDIPTG: "When asked about my ex"
#WSWCM: "When I found out how much I owe in taxes"
HDIPTG: "Getting on the scale after the weekend"
#WSWCM: "When sunlight starts to peek into my window"
HDIPTG: "If my brain could talk right now"

Overall, my main issue is that #WSWCM girl can make a decent joke, while the other chick just chooses a GIF and then states the obvious.
Should I care about this nearly as much as I do? No. But my life has been going pretty fucking awesome lately so this is all I've got. Deuces.

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